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This single-seat ultralight aircraft represents the 24th design by the late Mr. John Chotia, who died on 26 October 1981; the others comprised 19 hang gliders and four powered light planes.  Design of the original wooden version of the Weedhopper (which is reminiscent in configuration of the 1909 Demoiselle of Alberto Santos-Dumont) began in 1975.  Two prototypes were tested, after which the decision was taken to switch to metal structures.  The first two pre-production metal prototypes flew in February 1978.  In November of 1979 a prototype with an increased area wing flew for the first time, and two initial production versions were built.

The 1982 model was the JC-24C as described in detail.  Compared with the original JC-24, this one has simplified structure and improved maneuverability.  Full 360 degree turns have been completed in less than 8 seconds, with a turn radius of less than 21m (70 ft).  Stalls are preceded by marked warning buffet.  Foot launch has been demonstrated, but is discouraged by Weedhopper.  It is claimed that the JC-24C will recover from a stall, with power on, within an altitude loss of 3m (10 ft).  Bank and roll control are effected by using the rudder.

Kits of parts first became available to home builders in July 1978.  By 1 January 1982 orders for all models had passed the 1200 mark.

    TYPE:   Single Seat ultralight aircraft.
G-Limits:   +5.0/-2.0

Airframe:   Strut-braced high-wing monoplane.
            Anodized aluminum tube structure, covered in Dacron fabric.
            Aluminum tube V bracing struts each side, from landing
            gear axle to wing leading and trailing edges.
            Open triangulated fuselage of aluminum tubing, bolted together.
            Cantilever tailplane with elevators, ventral fin and rudder.
            Tailplane incidence and rudder trim ground adjustable.
            Non retractable tricycle type landing gear.
            Steerable nosewheel.
            All three tires size 3.40-4.00
            Brake on nose wheel optional.
            Ski landing gear optional.
            Single semi reclined and adjustable open seat.

Power Plant: One Chotia 460 two-stroke engine.
             25 hp at 3800 RPM with direct drive two blade propeller.
             Single 3.5 gallon fuel tank.
             6 Volt battery for ignition system.

   Wing span:                      28 ft
   Wing area, gross               168 sq. ft
   Wing Aspect ratio              4.7
   Length overall                18.5 ft
   Height overall                 6.5 ft
   Propeller Diameter              44 in

Weights and Loading:

   Weight Empty (no options)      165 Lb
   Max T-O weight                 385 Lb
   Max Wing Loading               2.3 lb/sq ft

Performance (at max T-O weight):
   Never Exceed speed              50 mph
   Max cruising speed at S/L       35 mph
   Econ cruising speed at S/L      30 mph
   Stalling speed, power on        22 mph
   Max Rate of Climb at S/L       600 ft/min
   Service ceiling             over 10,000 ft
   T-O run                        100 ft
   T-O to clear 50ft object       300 ft
   Landing run                     60 ft
   Range with Max fuel(3.5 gal)    90 miles
   Best Glide Ratio                8:1
   Minimum sink rate, power off   320 ft/min


   Thickness/Chord ratio           11%
   Dihedral                        12 degrees
   Incidence                        3 degrees
   Washout                        4.5 degrees
   Sweepback                        4 degrees

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