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Our Farm Radio Tower
 Pictures at the FARM click here
Jeff's Flying Machine the Weedhopper 
 Our farmhouse from the air. 
 USGS Aerial Photo of the farm
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Airplane Stuff

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 Bill Shamblin's Ultralight Page  FAA Advisory Circulars Download
 Aircraft Designer (Model)  Ultralight Related Links
 Weedhopper EGROUP  Who Is Flying What and Where in Ultralights
 Jeff's Weedhopper Page ARK-MO Airport, Pollard AR

 Weather and Earthquake
  Arkansas Respond Skywarn Pages
      Lots of neat local weather Info
Weather at Jonesboro Arkansas
GOES Project Science Weather radar from Memphis Tn.
National Earthquake Information Center NEXTRAD image from Memphis Tn.
Near Real-Time Earthquake Bulletin
Lists the last 21 earthquakes world wide.
NEXTRAD image from Littlerock AR.
Curent Earthquake Map
This is an interactive map of the USA
Weather Software Downloads

 Local Stuff
Rector Airport Information KAIT Television Jonesboro Ar.
CROWLEY'S RIDGE STATE PARK Clay County Democrat Newspaper
Stuff about Clay County The Original Arkansas Genealogy
Map of Arkansas Sinkholes & Muddy Roads USA 
Travel Pages of Arkansas
ARK-MO Airport, Pollard AR  Jeff's Weedhopper Page 

 Electronics and Radio Stuff
Shortwave Listener's Page Respond Amateur Radio Club of Arkansas
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt FAQ Remote Control Stuff
Standards Page Electronic Engineering Software
Satco DX TVRO Sat List
 NASA Television

 Democratic Party  Republican Main Street
 Governor Mike Huckabee

  Worldwide News
BBC World News Deutsche Welle
The Voice of America Art Bell's Web Site
Air Force Link Air Force Retiree News

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To see our Case Tractor Click Here.  Jeff's Weedhopper Page 
 Photo of Earth and Moon taken from a spacecraft  Photos at the Puckett Farm

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